About DIC Group

With the corporate philosophy of “Sharing overseas information and culture via learning foreign languages”, DIC Group since its inception in 1991 has been engaged in the business of assisting schools, corporations and public institutions in their foreign language teaching and training activities by dispatching highly qualified foreign language teachers.

We are also involved in providing study and training programs as well as offering support to learners who seek to acquire foreign language qualifications.

As customers’ requirements are becoming increasingly diverse, our approach of meeting individual needs has allowed us to acquire a solid reputation not only from our customers but also from the foreign language teachers that we work closely together with.


The candidate should have the following qualifications:

  •  To be a native speaker of or be sufficiently fluent in English
  •  Can be flexible in understanding Japanese culture and customs
  •  Has a sufficient educational background
  •  Has a visa necessary to work in Japan
  •  Enjoys teaching children/students at school (for working at schools)
  •  Has the ability to understand business (for working at corporations)

Send Application

If you are interested in working with us, please send us your resume via the form below.
The application should include the following information.

  •  Name in full
  •  Date of Birth
  •  Nationality
  •  Current Address
  •  e-mail address
  •  Home Phone or cell phone number
  •  Academic history
  •  Work experience
  •  Qualifications / license

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding the application.
We will contact you after we receive your application.